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Studies have shown that a person is judged within seconds by the onlookers based on the tidiness of their footwear or the kind of shoes they wear. This somehow is sufficient to make us think twice before we actually purchase a pair of shoes!

Is the color appealing? Is the shoe worth my money? can I use it for both running and as casual wear? Well, apart from all these intriguing questions it is quite necessary for us to adopt a few procedures before we buy a pair of shoes.

Buying the correct pair of shoes can be considered as an investment to the foot health.

As we know there are wide ranges of shoes such as sneakers, running shoes, soccer cleats such as nike hypervenom , boots, wedges, brogues etc. however, there a quite a few things to consider before buying any of them as they have a direct impact on our foot health and care.

Things to mind:

Be it running, walking or even office shoes these are the primary requirements to look for:

  1. The shoes should be able to resist while twisting as it prevents or resists the foot from moving side to side.
  2. Bending of the shoes should be pertained only to where the foot bends ensuring support to the foot while moving or running.
  3. The heel cup of the shoe, at the foot, should be high and firm as it acts as a support to the heel and the prevent excess movement thus avoiding sprains or ankle twists.
  4. Enough free foot space needs to be given in order to not irritate the toes, that is, we need to make sure that the place at the front is roomy and deep enough which is a major factor of comfort.
  5. The sole of the shoe should be shock absorbing and at the same time should not be too hard as the pressure applied to the foot is quite dependant on it.
  6. If bought online, one needs to make sure they measure their foot size accordingly,
  7. They should also make sure that they allow free return shipping in case the shoes do not fit.
  8. One should refer to the reviews of the customers who already bought the shoe online.
  9. However, a close look at the shoes and better understanding are required for a much comfortable wear.

These general things are to be considered before actually buying a pair of shoes.

However, the things to consider vary with types of shoes. For example, one cannot simply wear oxford or derby shoes and go for a run as they are meant for formal or office wear.

Even in sports, the requirements vary depending on the purpose. One cannot simply wear walking shoes and play soccer.

Nike Mercurial Superfly V FG is the fastest soccer cleat released by Nike and has its own set of desirable features.

The advent of advanced technological production and specialised footwear for a plethora of activities selecting a pair of shoes is no longer an easy job.

  1. Identifying the activity helps:

Hiking- shoes for hiking need to have traction soles and sufficient arch support.

To prevent slipping on ice or water- traction soles and the ones which prevent slipping are used.

Athletic shoes- specialised footwear for each sport like soccer, tennis, basketball etc.

  1. Choosing the shoe with correct foot length is always recommended: this helps the foot from staying in place thoroughly and helps in avoiding the health mishaps such as bites, skin wear off, swells from occurring.
  1. Not minding the hype for the product: a few buy shoes just because they got much demand or hype without actually considering all the above-mentioned requirements which ultimately leads to minor feet health troubles.

Nike Mercurial Superfly V FG recently released received much attention pertaining to its new advanced texture and features.

A careful examination is always necessary. source: google images.

It turns out that getting a normal pair of shoes is actually a lot more tiring than it seems. The basic measures are to be kept in mind such as — the material used for the sole; leaving an inch of free space between the toe and shoe; checking whether one feels comfortable wearing and walking with the shoes on; making sure that the height of the heel is not too high as it might cause damage to the calves and joints.

Also buying well-branded products is recommended as they are designed so as to minimize the health hazards. Cleats like Nike Hypervenom are designed accordingly to the requirements of the players and are mostly used by professional players as well.

Thus while planning to get a pair of shoes it is mandatory to keep in mind all the above-mentioned methods.

All these things are to be kept in mind and the price alone should not be the criteria for buying a new pair.

This pretty much sums up the things required to keep in mind before buying a pair of shoes.

However, one must make sure that the color is also appealing and to not use a pair for extended periods of time as it might lead to degrading the material or increased toughness.


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