Some Myths About Sleep

There are a hell lot of myths on sleep, making it quite difficult to choose which is true and which is fake. The field of sleep is gaining in numerous researches and yet there is so much to be discovered still. The researches have revealed so many amazing facts about sleep and also the effects of insufficient sleep. So here are some myths on sleep and sleep disorder which you should definitely know. So here we head the myths-

  1. It’s usually assumed that heart disease, obesity, diabetes have nothing to do with sleep. But is it really true? No, it’s not, according to different researches all these are found to have some link with your sleeping habits. For example lack of sleep can disturb the production of insulin hormone. Also, a lack of sleep can affect the immunity of the body.
  2. Another myth which you would have heard it very often that you require less number of sleeping hours as you grow old. Sleep experts say that adults require to sleep for 8-9 hours so that they can perform better. Amount of sleep need not necessarily vary with aging. However, older people will frequently wake up during night time but still they require a good amount of sleep to perform healthily. Doctors recommend to buy Xanax in the USA, Xanax pills are very effective to help you sleep well.
  3. You would have also heard about covering up your night sleep through naps. While a nap can be helpful to get you charged up, but researchers say that naps more than the required amount are not good health. As it can interfere with your sleeping patterns and make you less sleepy. You can buy Xanax in the USA, Xanax pills are known for anxiety and stress reducer and help you sleep better.
  4. Lack of sleep can make you crave for junk foods. It’s completely true. Researches have shown that insufficient sleep can make you obese by increasing your temptations for high-fat contented food. This basically happens because less amount of sleep affects the metabolism of the body and thereby affecting the fat proteins.
  5. Another thing we commonly hear is that if we are tired then probably we have not slept enough. Well, this is not always true. Tiredness could indicate a lack of sleep but some people even after sleeping for 7-8 hours complain about being tired. So this could indicate some other problem too.

It is much better if you get assistance for some time to get enough sleep during the night and a really good step is to buy Xanax in the USA and the preferred medicine is Lorazepam which is recommended by the doctors but before buying Xanax pills in the USA, you should definitely consult a doctor for the required amount of dosage and the time-frame this medicine has to be taken so you don’t suffer any addiction from this medicine.

One more step to be taken to prevent sleep deficiency is to drink less water before going to bed so you don’t feel the urge to urinate and so you can get in the state of deep sleep and your muscle tissues can regenerate themselves from the tiredness.

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