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Shoes are intended to protect and comfort our foot. But, it is not the only purpose of it. It is used as fashion wear too.

From Reebok to Jimmy Choos, from sneakers to those stilettos with the perfect red sole, shoes are an essential part to take our style “game” up.  Wearing the right shoe with the proper clothing in the right occasion can boost up your fashion.

Shoes are worn by everyone, and everyone loves to get access to the latest designs of shoes just like clothes. Many shoe designers work tremendously hard to create beautiful designs of shoes, but those designs don’t reach people.

This is the lack of their marketing experiences and ideas. If your beautiful designs don’t become popular among people, then what is the use of making them?

To reach out to the people what you need is to showcase your work through specific platforms where a considerable number of people can see it. One such platform is Pressbook.

Pressbook enables you to upload pictures of your work, illustrate your designs to people, talk about your innovations and your upcoming projects.

This way you are connecting with a massive amount of people and not to mention you can also sell your designed shoes to people from here.

Shoe designing is a very profitable profession.

Also, people never buy enough shoes because-

Dressing up for your best friend’s birthday party in a posh restaurant wearing the Little black dress you have always wanted to wear and pairing it up with a good pair of heels will make you the head turner of the party. However, pairing the pretty dress up with white sneakers might make it looks a little sloppy.

The time of the day: It is essential also to realize that not all shoes can be worn at all times of the day. It is again necessary to know which kind of shoe is to be worn at what time of the day. You definitely wouldn’t wear the same pair of pumps or heels in the morning that you are supposed to wear for a party at night.

Women are drawn to stylish shoes:   Women have the same taste in shoes as men have in cars. A woman is always attracted towards a man who is dressed up like a man.  Women look into little details, and shoes are not something she would miss. A good, stylish pair of shoes over a couple of casual sneakers or sports shoes gets her eye. So the next time you are taking your girls out on a fit, try to avoid those sneakers and the hoodie and dress up like a real gentleman.

Fashion has become an essential thing in everyone’s day to day life. Numerous people are working in the fashion industry, even though one needs to work hard and struggle to gain the popularity in this field yet this is one of the most profitable options in today.

If you are a struggling fashion influencer, stylist or designer you should definitely go for taking advantage of social media platforms like Pressbook, Instagram or Pinterest.

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