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Content marketing and SEO go hand in hand because without one, the another is incomplete.  Search engine optimisation is a process that actually elevates brand by extensive promotion, visibility of thought and product marketing.  This process involves attracting the thoughts and sharing similar ideas with the reader who gradually develops a liking for that brand and brings in more leads.  This procedure is not so quick and definitely takes months to develop interest in the reader since market is huge and there are too many contents that are used in SEO development.

SEO and content marketing complete one another:

They both rely on one another because without one, the other cannot succeed.  Content writing is contained within the boundaries of SEO and SEO cannot be thought of as a separate feature without content.  Both are required to attract the traffic to your website.

Earlier days were more relaxed and limited when link building happened by placing keywords and meta data management.  More marketing would mean a little more element of building a few more links but nowadays, its stiff competition without any leniency or gap.

Now you have Google Analytics and much more than that, because Google likes only rich content with interesting subjects and quality.  It must be educative, interesting and ideal.  Stuporous content is like a dead horse that wont win a single sprint.  But the plus side of content is that it can energise your marketing stance and get you good ranking.  To have the ranking factor up, you also need to post good content and similarly, great SEO strategy because without it, every marketing step will become valueless.

Difference between SEO and content:

While SEO contains a number of approaches and schemes to establish sound promotion, content marketing is one of them.  It’s that holistic part of business which supports the hard part of SEO process for a long time.  But its rather a slow process and actually makes for a combo.

When SEO meets Content:

Everybody knows what happened “When Harry met Sally,” it was an instant hit.  The combo of SEO and content marketing is exactly same and spellbinding.  It gives amazing results wherever they are clubbed and when the two factors meet into a deadly combine.  Consequently, using it in your website is the quickest way to get more people to visit your site.

Point of intersection:

For the ranking factor, you can rank new pages with SEO and also write some intuitive content on those because to get a higher ranking order on search indexes, only new content of quality and some quantity must be created.  This is all to increase ranking on Google’s metrics.  Certainly, you need to put in keywords for more search results and here optimisation of keyword starts with every creative article.  It also helps reach diverse audiences if the keywords are used naturally.

Worthy content provided by a good SEO company in Delhi gives higher ranking on Google and so your website will come on top of the search engine over other websites.

Which is more important:

SEO and content marketing both work hand in hand in the online marketing objectives and you must need them to expand your business.  In the short term, their benefits can’t be ascertained.  Focusing on just SEO and leaving the content part or vice versa is a big mistake most companies make in business.  Link building likely without new and updated content is likely to negate business in a few days.  Therefore, SEO is part of the content oxygen that it breathes on.  Without regularly updated content, SEO cannot grow properly.  You can also contact an SEO company, India for better understanding of the concept.


Google compels companies to post their content regularly because its laws prohibit old, lame or copied content.  For strong promotion, Google requires an effective content and when that is posted, ranking flows in.


The most affordable and effective way to bring a site up is to use both SEO and content marketing equally.  You cannot ignore one over the other.  So SEO does require a lot of content regularly.  You have to think if you need blogs or articles to generate public appeal.  It is wise that you leave content and SEO on a reputed company like where digital marketing speaks.

Unless we cannot understand the importance of SEO and content writing, we cannot have an impressive rank on our website.  Choosing the right content for the right product is the true understanding that most of the people fail to do.  If you want higher conversion rates and ore visitors, then content marketing is key.  Once you have the purpose established of your website, all you need to do is create a balance between the content and SEO.

Shiva Kushwaha

Shiva Kushwaha is a lead blog writer, blogger & content marketer, he publishes and manage the contents on many blogs. Shiva writes about lifestyle, technology, travel, health and more. He has been in the marketing industry since 5 years and with a very valuable experience in this industry, He has marked his footprints as a renowned guest blogger in Delhi.

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