How an Ideal Workplace Enhances Productivity of Employees

Almost all companies dealing in any business or service have now started realising the fact that employees are the actual drivers of their progress and growth. So, it is of immense significance that strategic and appropriate consideration should be given to factors that are responsible for bringing betterment in employees’ overall performance.

In the year 2018, the search engine giant Google invested around 2.5 billion pounds in its London office, with principal focus on creating an ideally suitable work place ambiance. Cadbury, a reputed global brand had recently developed its office in Mayfair while doing the same as Google has done. Needless to say, these workspace related improvements have brought in the desired results for these above-mentioned companies in the form of enhanced productivity as well as employee satisfaction.

Here is how an ideal workplace enhances productivity of employees-

 A large number of recently conducted researches and studies have proven that some certain elements at the work place have a correlation with the productivity of employee-

Natural Lighting

It is now an open secret that artificial light is the reason behind drowsiness and tardiness which employees experience in a workplace. The employees having access to sufficient arrangement of natural light are found to be more productive in whatever they do. Almost all the reputed providers of custom built office space in Noida take care of this fact in their spaces.

Work Noise

Various Studies have shown that the employees facing noise in the work place face difficulty in concentrating on their work that have negative impact upon their performance. This is the reason any good custom built office space Noida might be an ideal place as it offers zero noise inside.

Optimum Temperature

The recently carried out research by Cornell University has shown that workplace temperatures have an unfailing effect on the productivity of employees.


 Other than workplace ambiance, it is location that has a very positive impact upon the productivity of employees in the following ways-

  • Far from hustle and bustle of the city or markets, if the location is peaceful, then your employees will concentrate better on their work.
  • Location does matters in terms of ease of reach or approach. If you have a location that is closer to convenient public transportation, your employees will have a better approachability and the ease of reach.
  • There are a large number of employees who consider location very much before joining any new company or office.

Almost all the reputed providers of custom built office space in Noida take care of all these facts in the spaces they provide. You can very easily approach such companies in Noida – a hotspot for co-working and shared office spaces in the national capital region (NCR).


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