The most flexible metal of all metals

Copper is highly demanded mineral and element necessary for everyday industrial applications. It is the chief element for industrial use pertaining to its greater flexibility, softness and wonderful thermal and electric conduction as well as high resistance for corrosion. Apart from the industrial application copper serves as the essential mineral in our daily food consumption with its antimicrobial mechanism of action preventing risks of infections.

Copper stands for the third most consumed metal in the United States in terms of quantity right after aluminum and iron.

The copper metal is quite famous for being reckoned as the core of technological progression in a wider arena of industrial applications, being the key element in the production of brass, copper sheet, copper tubes and concentrates such as copper cathode and more than 400s of alloys

The copper cathode applications

A form of copper concentrate that depicts purity of higher than 95% and is the highly demanded raw material among the copper cathode buyers taken advantage for the production of copper rod, applicable in number of industrial uses.

The market analysis of copper cathode

The market of copper cathode can be classified on the basis of refining methods, applications and the regions. While the copper cathode is obtained from the refining process that eliminates scums from the copper ore. Further on the basis of method used in refining the copper cathode market is classified by the heating procedure segment and electro-refining

The smelting procedure

Smelting of copper is another form of extracting raw copper from its ore, it implies greater amounts of heat and chemical reduction means to decompose the copper ore, remove undesired scum and other non-demanded minerals in order to get the purest forms of copper cathode

Electro refining procedure

The process takes advantage from the presence of aqua based solution to extract pure copper cathode forms, the process is frequently adopted to produce copper cathode in bulk. Further with the electro refining process copper cathode is taken advantage to extract remaining impurities including the traces of gold, silver, nickel and other elements

Industrial applications of copper cathode

A wide application of copper cathode is noted in the oil and gas industries, chemical laboratories and several other industries. In power generation sector, telecommunications, power transmissions, and electronic circuits and several electrical equipment the copper cathode plays a key role

The wonderful benefits of copper cathode

The copper cathode promises numerous benefits, such as being good electricity conductor it possess higher resistance traits. Processed copper cathode can be work well with the goods that may not need increased levels of conductivity and are easy to imply.

Modernized methods and development have made for the progression and cost-effectiveness of electro refining copper cathode, now the expensive impurities can also be extracted such as gold, silver and nickel.

The market loop holes

The copper cathode market limitations are its poor defiance to corrosion and common acids and lower flexibility. Moreover, the electro refining process of extraction of copper cathode is high on budget, with a shorter life and more prone to oxidation. Copper cathode is high in flexibility as compared to any other substitute

Copper cathode market by region

In regards to region the countries in Asian region such as China, India, Australia and Japan rule the market since these are the rapidly urbanizing and developing countries

In the expected year the copper cathode demand is speculated to increase in North America since the United States intends to recreate and advance its prevailing infrastructure. The demand of copper cathode in countries of Europe is also taking a toll since major investment by the states are made towards developing efficient and smart economy as well as the industrial sector

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