Effective Tips in Repairing Blocked Drains

Having clean drains symbolizes happy flow of wastewater, which in turn ensures that hygiene is maintained. A blocked drain can be the powerhouse of germs and bacteria; these can cause a variety of illness, health issues, and various infections. Thus, keeping them clean on a regular basis is of utmost significance. But situations of tension might arise when the drain gets blocked and water doesn’t sleep in. What should be done? Call for the plumber. But what if he is late or inaccessible? How will you get rid of this aggravating problem?

Below Mentioned Are Some Ways in Which You Can Take the Charge of Your Own Drain

  1. Using a pipe cleansing agent- There are various such caustic cleaners available in the market, which help dissolve waste like hair, vegetable peels, plastic etc. stuck in the drain and clear the passage. These agents can also help get rid of the rigid dirt inside the pipes and result in the smooth flow of water. But these agents don’t really work on solid waste like wood or any metal. These acidic agents can be harmful and thus should not be used bare hands. Proper safety mechanisms should be taken.
  2. Using a metal hanger/ strong metal wire- Metal wires can be given the shape of a hook and can be used to take out the waste from the pipe. This is an easy DIY method, similarly, a regular metal hanger available at home can also be used.
  3. Boiling water – It is one of the easiest methods to unclog a drain. Pouring boiling water in the drain can aid in loosening the blockage, and ultimately clearing it, making water pass easily through the pipe.
  4. Homemade cleaning agent – Baking soda and vinegar can be used as a remedy for the blocked drains. This method can be used in cases of emergency. Once baking soda and vinegar are poured in, the reaction takes place, creating a fizz and this throwing whatever is stuck inside, out.
  5. Plunger – It is a device when placed on the drain creates pressure and sucks out the water or anything that causes the blockage. Thus, clearing the blocked drain. Using a plunger can turn out to be an equally effective measure to resolve the problem of blocked drains.
  6. Sewer/ Hydro jets – A professional plumbing tool that uses severe water pressure to get rid of any blockages in the commercial or residential drainage pipes. Buying such tools can be expensive, so renting would be a better idea to go with.
  7. Drain snake with/without CCTV – A drain snake is a handy professional plumbing tool, which has a metal coil at the top, which when put inside the pipe can be used to clean and push away the things causing the blockage. Using the drain attached with CCTV can help you see the exact place where the blockage is, making it easier to clear the blocked drain. Although, using the drain without the CCTV can make the process a little time consuming but it does yield results.

Once your drain has been unclogged, ensuring that such a situation doesn’t arise is vital. Some ways by which you can keep a check on it are:

  1. Regular drain clean – Clearing food disposal from the sink, hair from the washroom drain and all the other waste stuck on the rim of the drain regularly is necessary to keep clear of blocked drains. Regular cleaning ensures and prevents health issues which might arise from having an unclean washroom in a house. This will ensure that the accumulated waste doesn’t cause any obstruction in the flow of water.
  1. A weekly drain check-up – The drain pipes can be checked for any clog on a weekly basis. Even little dirt accumulating inside the pipes can be taken care of by using boiling water or any cleansing agent. This will certain that the blockage doesn’t take place because of little dirt gathering inside the pipe.

All this will keep your brain happy and your home germ-free. So, practice them regularly to ensure unclogged drains.

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