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Difference between Single Origin and Coffee Blends

Do we all know what single-origin and coffee blends mean? Though these are not the very common terms, people who love coffee will surely aware of the single-origin and blended coffee. Blending is actually a process which is processed to bring out a distinct taste by combining two or more than two coffee beans. Coffee exporting companies find blending a smart technique to enhance the taste and aroma of coffee. Blending not only improves the flavor but it also enriches the texture making it even more welcoming.

Blending different coffees, in point of fact, is meant for improving the overall taste and texture of coffee that suits to people’s taste buds. A specific type of single-origin coffee is known as Estate coffees, which are grown in a single farm. But, when two or more types of coffee beans are blended together, it changes the feel and flavor of coffee. As a matter of fact, the blended coffee is inexpensive as compared to the single origin coffees. So in terms of enhanced taste and price, blended coffees make the better choice for coffee lovers.

Blended coffee is produced all year long and thus its commercial production and consumption worldwide is more than single-origin coffee. Apart from this, the latter can be produced all year long, as a result of which, it is much more commercial! People who can afford single blended coffee, especially the ones who love drinking black coffee, enjoy its taste. The ones, who’d rather prefer coffees with both milk and sugar, are more likely to drink blended coffee. Coffee shops are more likely to serve blended coffee, as they’re much more cost-effective.

There are contradictory views on both kinds of coffees. Sometimes it is argued that blended coffee provides a much richer flavor, whereas some find single origin coffees as much more in-tune with their taste buds. Espressos are usually made with single origin coffees, whereas lattes are made with blended coffees. A few types of coffees that can be blended together are Mocha-Java and Black and Tan. With a rise in the richness and taste in the quality of the coffee, there is a rise in the popularity of single-origin coffee.

Coffee is roasted to remove the bitterness off the flavor. Sometimes it’s over-roasted to bring an enriching and darker texture. Single-origin coffees are found in a number of varieties, and since no two coffees taste the same, what comes out is out of this world. Though single-origin coffees aren’t very popular among the occasional coffee-lovers, people love it for solo taste and texture! People’s tastes vary, and everyone has their own choices in terms of coffees.

If you want to drink well-rounded coffee that is consistent, then you should go for blended coffee. On the other hand, if you want to try something unique from around the world, then you should go for single-origin coffees. Coffee exporting companiess all around the world sell both kinds internationally – you can buy the one that suits your taste palates.

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