How Your Customer Service Quality Can Improve With the Use of Softphone?

The VoIP service helps making the telecommunication part of any business smooth. The Softphones or software technology based phones can be used to increase the efficiency of customer service. The VoIP calls can be made or received over the internet without compromising on quality and quite affordable.

1) Flexible usage and portability of phone

One of the biggest advantages of using the VoIP service or Softphone is the flexibility of usage. There is no hassle of wires and fixed location. It gives the representative to talk to the customer or client from anywhere. This helps in improving the overall productivity of the brand.

The service can be integrated or synced with laptops or mobile phone by installing the software. This allows the individuals to take the customers during emergency without being physically present in the office. The customers do not have to wait for the individual to return to home.

softphone application provider
softphone application provider

2) Integration of Voice Mail

The Voicemail service can be integrated with the VoIP and these customers can leave a voice message anytime. This ensures that you listen to the entire message from the customers and clients and attend to it with voicemail application. This helps in improving the overall customer service.

With the voicemail service, you can also opt for the customers to leave a direct voicemail to your number or extension. The voicemails can be retrieved later from the phone and it becomes an easy way to connect by contacting the customers and taking care of the issue they are facing.

3) Convert the voice call to email transcript

At times, there is a possibility that you might end up missing what your customer said. It leaves a bad impression to ask them again and again to repeat. With the help of the softphone application provider, you can add an application that converts the calls to email or words on a notepad.

This helps in better understanding of the conversation. This application helps in converting the voice call into words and conversion can be done on a notepad or sent as email. This helps in better understanding of the problem that the customer is facing. It is a great tactic for better customer service.

4) Save contacts and check call history

The softphone provider helps in providing call related information whenever it is required. It gives an insight of all the account activity through a centralized dashboard. It helps in giving information about outbound, inbound and all the missed calls.

This helps in better management of the information as it gives out detailed information that includes date and time along with phone number. It is important to know the precise information so that you can get back to the customers when required. The one-click call back features helps in easy connect.

The VoIP or the software service has many added applications that make it very convenient for a business to provide better customer support. It is affordable and efficient in the best possible to help customers get the best service by allowing great and better connectivity.

It is easy to use and can be connected to laptops or phones, and hence, customers can even contact beyond office hours.

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