Ceiling Fans and manufacturers

Ceiling fans are the most common and widely used devices that one can find everywhere, from one’s own house to public areas. Ceiling fans are present everywhere and is one the most popular devices of the century. As the name suggests, ceiling fans are mounted on the ceiling of any room and are suspended with the help of rod. The device rotates with the help of bearings present inside and rotates the blade which helps to spread the air to all corners of the room in every direction. Operated with electricity, ceiling fan are manufactured of different watts and are of various sizes too.

The first ceiling fan was designed in early 1870s in the United States. However, the concept of punkha can be traced back to 500 BC in the history of India. These fans were not mounted on ceilings but were used with hands. After thousands of years later the first ceiling fan was invented and used in the government offices. Later, with time, these grew popular and were used in many restaurants and cafes.

Now, unlike air conditioners, ceiling fans do not make the air cool. Instead of this, ceiling fan generate extra heat from the use of it motor. Ceiling fans are only capable of spreading the air but not cooling. The spreading of the air is also greatly dependent upon the shape and size of the fan. Just like for cooling of room, the air-conditioner system is required according to the size of the room, the ceiling fan are required in same style. Here’s a list of the best ceiling fans for large rooms

  1. Slipstream ceiling fan- Abundantly wide and broad blades with high speed motor, slipstream ceiling fan is one of the best to select when selecting for big ceiling fans. The fan has the capacity to spread the ai all around a big room without any hindrance.
  2. Odyn LED Indoor/Outdoor ceiling fan- Odyn LED ceiling fans are not only wide and big but also very decorative. The average height of the fan is over 18 inches and the blade eight is about 84 inches.
  3. Xtreme ceiling Fan- The perfect blend of industrial and sleek design, xtreme ceiling fans have 9 blades that rotate and create a massive blow of air all around the room. But the ceiling is completely noiseless.

    These are some of the best ceiling fans that can be used in large rooms undoubtedly. There are also some of the best ceiling fans for mid-sized rooms.

  1. Havells- India’s one of the top most electrical equipment manufacturers and suppliers, Havells is one of the finest designers of ceiling fans. The demand for ceiling fans in the market is very high.
  2. Crompton Greaves- Crompton Greaves is another company that manufactures ceiling fans along with other electrical gadgets. Best fan in Low budget can only be of Crompton greaves. The fans are decorative and silent.
  3. Orient- A part of the CK Birla group and with its headquarters in Bhubaneswar, Orient electrical manufactures some of the best ceiling fans in low to mid range budget.

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