5 Most Engaging Ideas to Make Your Kid’s Birthday More Memorable

Organizing a birthday party for your child is one of the most exciting and enlivening experience. In today’s fast-paced life when everyone is overly busy following their hectic lifestyle, the birthday party of your child can bring a few hours of solace and solitude to you, and fun to your child.

1)Go thematic or plan a fancy dress-up

You have so many ways of planning the birthday party of your child. You can ask all the invitees (children attending the party) to put on costumes of any trendy cartoon character popular among kids. You can also have a thematic party in which your daughter can become a princess and all the attendees come with crowns and gowns as their costume

2)Face Painting – most loved by children 

Face painting is yet another activity which children of all age groups love a lot, especially when there is a birthday party of one of their friends. Therefore, your kid will also love to paint his or her face while getting fully engrossed in creative imagery. This type of birthday party makes all the people in party feel unique, different and out-of-the-box. The precautionary measure during face painting is that the paint must be harmless, and the hiring of a skilled painter is also recommended.

3)Treasure hunting

This is one of the most loved and liked classic games which children simply want to be a part of. Treasure hunt is extremely exciting and fun-filled game, equally popular among both kids and adults across the globe. Treasure search is the part of the game which is most enjoyed by the children of all age groups.

4)Musical Chairs

Even today, musical chairs have not lost their fascination despite the fact that they have been part of kids’ birthday celebrations for hundreds of years. Both kids and adults enjoy this game with equal enthusiasm and exuberance. At the end of the game, you can give away the prize to the winner to make the celebration more memorable.

5)Make your home party-ready

When you are busy planning various things for your kid’s birthday party – there are some crucial chores await you at the same time. These include home cleaning, carpet cleaning and sofa cleaning services in Noida. These cleanings are unavoidable as you have to make your home party-ready. On the party day or even a day before it, there are full chances of your running short of time because of arranging so many things in a very short period. At this juncture, the home cleaning professionals from Lifeasy are simply the right people to call for.

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