5 Common Chimney Flue Problems to Avoid?

Preparing your self for the cold weather? Chimney Cleaning by a certified chimney sweep is a must do task before the winter. This includes removal of creosote, repairs of chimney structure and leaks etc. One of the most important jobs is to check condition of chimney lining. The chimney liners are protective components of flue which vent out the toxic gases produced due to wood burning.

Given to the complex operations of chimney, one should understand the most common flue problems of chimney. There are several Chimney Lining services in London which can take care of these issues.

  • Cracks – The flue lining is of three types – Clay tile, Stainless steel and Cast-in place lining. Every flue type has its own pros and cons. Due to severe heat generated into the flue, it might be possible that the cracks are developed in the flue lining which eventually release the toxic gases into the house and neighborhood. While carrying out annual chimney cleaning, make it a point to check the same and if potential threat is observed get the chimney relining done. This can be done by service providers of Chimney lining in London.
  • Problems due to rain – Chimney caps or crowns are incorporated to prevent entry of rain water down the flue. Rain causes moisture and generates chimney smoke. Look for a Chimney Lining Service in London who can offer maintenance and installation of Chimney capping. These are essential components to serve as a barrier for animal inhabitants which enters chimney in the other seasons causing blockage.
  • Problem due to overuse of fuel –Know the quantity of fuel needed to produce heat for your house. Burning excessive fuel can cause unnecessary smoke in a large amount which can shatter the flue and damage chimney structure. This can give rise to drafting problems.

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  • Condensation – Wood to be burnt should be have 20% or less moisture. Freshly cut wood has 100% moisture. Using wet wood can cause condensation because of moisture content in it. This releases more pollutants in form of carbon monoxide. Also, more smoke is generated which results in creosote formation in the flue. The chimney lining company normally has a brochure of basic chimney care tips.
  • Chimney Draft problems– A pressure difference created by rising hot gases is called ‘Draft’. This allows combustion gases inside the fireplace and expels the exhaust gases outside. Lack of optimum Draft will cause products of combustion back into the house. Draft problems are a result of blockage or improper damper operations. The chimney sweep can easily check on these two issues and provide solutions. Some bigger homes incorporate multiple flues and keeping a check on regular maintenance of all the flues will help avoid the problem.

Look for Certified chimney lining London. There are several factors to be considered while selecting a service provider. It is wise to choose from a few chimney lining companies. In addition to routine chimney lining inspection, chimney relining and maintenance, the Modern services of chimney lining in London has advanced to provide additional services. This covers an associated chimney testing, Chimney sweep and an electric or gas work in building.


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